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We are the first manufacturer in Vietnam to sign a licensing agreement with MAThread Inc., aimed at manufacturing fasteners with no cross-threading, false-threading, paint interference problem, eliminating all seizing and jamming of fasteners during the installation process.

MAThread® stands out for its built-in guiding feature, ensuring the proper alignment of fasteners even when installed at unfavorable angles. This aligns with ergonomic assembly processes and is particularly suitable for parts with residual paint. In addition to solving mismatch issues and avoiding downtime, rework, and scrap, it automatically corrects installation deviations, enhancing efficiency. Due to its numerous advantages, MAThread is widely applied in the automotive, agriculture, and heavy machinery industries.

Unique self-guiding design:

Threads possess self-correction capabilities, preventing jamming or seizing, thereby improving installation efficiency.

Ergonomic design:

Reduces the difficulty of assembly by minimizing reactive forces on personnel's hands during the installation process.

Cost reduction:

No need to worry about thread or part damage, avoiding downtime and rework, resulting in overall cost reduction.

Customization based on customer needs:

Our products can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements, addressing various application needs.


With MAThread® technology, numerous severe and costly issues will be significantly reduced.

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